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Our founder started the business believing in the need to focus on the matter of recycling bottle plastics, which is one of the main contributors to worldwide waste crisis. Up to year 2020, Polindo Utama has manage to recycle more than 630 millions bottle plastics from contaminating environment and oceans worldwide.

Buy plastic waste from society

We work with passion in our industry field. We are looking to recover and distribute high quality waste plastic at the same time building a circular economy that ensure recovery of the material to re-enters the supply chain of good waste management system


Our company supply chain starts from collecting plastic waste from the local communities up to government official collection center. We stand at the forefront of innovation in the plastic recycling industry in Indonesia. The is proven from our consistency in building all 23 collection centers that are located from Sabang to Merauke

Send & Recycle in Polindo Utama

As opposed to producing original plastic material, we focus on recycling plastic waste which otherwise will remain a major pollutant which will accumulate by years and end up in landfills and our ocean if not managed properly.

Export & Finish Goods

Our dedication and long-term research have enabled us to create a final product that have a stable and high quality plastic material that are ready to be distributed to our global customers.

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The collection of waste plastic, and its transformation into new goods for sale, should not be considered a “recycling business”. Instead, the use of recovered plastic should be considered a manufacturing operation, or an efficient use of materials by a brand. By focusing on fulfilling a customer need for a product and service, rather than simply trying to make a new “eco-product” that might not be needed, regular market forces come into play, functioning based on supply and demand.

Quality Product Standard

  • Grade A PET bottles (Beverage containers with easily removable labels such as mineral water bottles, tea bottles, soft drink bottles)
  • Caps removed
  • Labels removed
  • All PET bottles free of contents (beverage or other)
  • PET content of bales above 97%

Max 3% contamination :

  1. Caps rings,
  2. Dirt and dust
  3. Straps
  4. Moisture
  5. Grade B bottles (Bottles with paper label, etc)

Bales are free of any foreign contamination, including:

  • - Collored PET containers ( other than light blue & clear)
  • Aluminum
  • Metal containers or cans
  • Any plastic bags or plastic film
  • Wood, glass, oils, grease, paint

Bale integrity must be maintained throughout loading, shipping, unloading, and storage.

Interested about us

who we are?

The main process from lapak to factory.This is proven from our consistency in building all 23/25 collection centres that are located from Sabang to Merauke. Anything mixed cannot to be recycled, we sorted it to be recycled

Clear Flex Yarn

Clear Flakes Grade A1

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With our Sister Company we press & scale all plastic waste from many places and then clean, wash, cut all plastic waste using high and advance machine, turn all clean plastic into high quality PET

Clear Flex Yarn

Clear Flakes Grade A1

Clear Mix Light Blue Flakes

Light Blue Flake Grade A1

Clear Bright Pellet

Bright Green Pellet

Green Flakes

Dark Blue Flakes

Dark Green Pellet

Clear Mix Light Blue Pellet

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