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Polindo Utama was established in 2005 as a pioneer in the manufacture of recycled PET flakes in Indonesia. Since founding, the company has grown to encompass divisions and sister companies that extend from PET Flakes Manufacturing to Recycling Management, Transport, Logistics and Recycled Packaging. We stand at the forefront of innovation in the plastic recycling industry in Indonesia.

Making customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders and the surrounding community as partners in our business.

Creating a company with the best reputation for collaboration with the government and the surrounding community.

Become a solution provider for environmental pollution by minimizing waste in the manufacturing.

Take part in government policies in regards to preventing the contamination of air, water and land from dangerous substances by implementing strict quality control measures within the manufacturing process.

Polindo Recycle

recycled PET flakes products can compete with virgin PET flakes in terms of quality alongside their environmental advantages

High Quality

ISO & GNS Certified; maintaining quality control is a cornerstone of our operations and every six months our equipment and machines are checked and recalibrated to perform to their maximum capacity.

Streamlined Processes

Polindo Recycle is the manufacturing arm of the group, utilizing a combination of manual and automatic sorting processes to produce its PET flakes.


is a pioneer of producing recycled food-grade packaging in Indonesia

Unique Combination

The company utilizes a unique combination of 1-layer recycled PET flakes and 2 layers of virgin flakes to make cups and trays for major F&B brands in the country.

Latest Technology

Using German technology, PET flakes undergo a dying and crystallization process followed by re-polymerisation and decontamination to become beverage bottles and cups.

Ideal for Packaging

The low IV levels of the flakes makes them ideal for food packaging be it for bottles, cups or trays.

Sukses Polindo Mandiri

is responsible for collecting raw materials for its sister company Polindo Recycle.

Sustainable Solutions

We believe this upstream business plays a vital role in municipal waste management and reduces stress on municipal infrastructures such as landfills. Further supported by automated technology, Sukses Polindo Mandiri, provides up to 4,000 tons per annum of raw materials with the aim of becoming the largest supplier in Indonesia. In efforts to achieve this target, the company regularly promotes its services to businesses in the country, sharing knowledge on how Sukses Polindo Mandiri can be a solutions provider for their plastic waste management.


We provide durable, highly-resistant industrial-strength polyester strapping band

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